Pueblo South is dreaming of a 4A state title

Colts play Vista Ridge on Saturday

Pueblo South dreaming of a 4A state...

Many teams have tried to cover the Pueblo South Colts this year, most have failed,"Is there anybody in the state that can cover you one-on-one?"ha ha ha. Umm. Yea. I'm not trying to get all into that," laughs Marcell Barbee, "I feel like I could cover myself, if I had to," says Thomas Pannunzio.

(The numbers are staggering between seniors Marcell Barbee, Thomas Pannunzio and Jesse Anzar, the Colts have scored 36 touchdowns and are up near twenty-two hundred receiving yards. Their excellence is forged in the fire of competition, "Especially in a game I feel like we get more competitive. Because it's like alright what can we do next, who's gonna make a play," says Jesse Anzar.

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