Questions on the Pueblo ballot that could cost you

Questions on the Pueblo ballot that could cost you

PUEBLO, Colo. - Cheers erupted from the Pueblo County Commissioners meeting as they voted to put the question on the ballot that would help build a new jail.
The commissioners are asking for nine twentieths of a cent sales tax for the new jail and turning the current jail into a drug rehab center.
"We really tried to push the engineers for a design that really helped us come back to the tax payers with the least amount of an ask as possible," said Commissioner Garrison Ortiz. 
Depending on the location of the jail, it could cost the county more than $123 million.
On the city's ballot, the city council is asking for a fifth of a cent sales tax that would go toward police.
"It will be for five years and should be able to provide at least an additional 24 police officers," said city council president Steve Nawrocki. 

The city is also asking to create a new monthly fee for street repairs. This isn't a tax but would be a fee based on a residential or commercial property.

"Certainly anyone that lives here and travels our main streets are well aware that we do need a lot of maintenance," Nawrocki said.
Those costs are expected to be about three million dollars per year.
Both the city and the county are asking the community to look into what the area needs to become better and continue to thrive in the future.

There is also a citizen ballot initiative in the city that is asking for a quarter of a cent sales tax for the city's public safety. 

However, Nawrocki said the way it is written right now, it goes against the city's charter. 

The deadline for all ballot questions is on September 9.

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