Repairs continue at Lake Pueblo North Shore Marina

Repairs continue at Lake Pueblo North Shore Marina

PUEBLO, Colo. - The North Shore Marina at Lake Pueblo is a second home for Jennifer Hanson and her family.
"About two to three times a week, two to three nights a week we come down," Hanson said.
The Hansons just put their boat in the water for the season. They got off luckier than some.
"I mean I think there's been a few people that have decided they're done with boating after this storm," Hanson said.
Two months ago, the destructive storm mangled docks and submerged boats, causing a half-million dollars in damage.
The 400 docks were hit the hardest, and marina crews are still working to get boats off the bottom.

"We're doing some boat recovery now because we had a few boats, including my own, go down on the bottom of the lake," said Sheldon Reese, the general manager of the North Shore Marina.
On top of the boat recovery and dock work, electrical repairs are still needed-- all before Memorial Day with a crew of just six people, and it's not cheap.
"We can't afford to insure the docks, just the buildings that you see, so it's all out-of-pocket from here on out," Reese said.
The repairs won't keep the Hansons from the water, and they hope it won't stop their "summer family" from returning.

"It's a tight-knit community," Hanson said.

Because the 400 docks are still under repair, some of the courtesy slips are filled with renters. So, if you don't have a slip and want to dock your boat there, you may have a hard time in the next few weeks.

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