Six arrested for numerous warrants in Pueblo's Bessemer neighborhood

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Pueblo Police Department arrested six people in the Bessemer neighborhood who were wanted on numerous warrants. 

On Monday night, officers were patrolling the 1100 block of E. Orman Avenue when they came across a home which the department says is known to have a high number of crime-related calls and complaints. 

Outside the home, the officers saw three men, Johnny Garcia, Jesus Moreno Guarda, and Guadalupe Huerta, standing around a red Nissan pickup that came up stolen in the Department's system. 

After further investigation, officers found inside the truck a set of checks stolen from a business earlier that day. 

The three were taken into custody. 

Garcia, 40, had three warrants for his arrest totaling $16,000. He was wanted for two counts of Dangerous Drugs and traffic-related charges.

Guarda, 22, was wanted for Failure to Appear on weapons charges, with a bond of $15,000 and a Failure to Appear on a Motor Vehicle Theft warrant with a bond amount of $5,000.

Huerta, 34, had a Failure to Appear on a Motor Vehicle Theft warrant, Failure to Appear on a Dangerous Drugs warrant and a full extradition warrant from the US Postal Inspection Service out of Texas. His total bond amount was $30,000. Huerta will also face new charges of Criminal Impersonation for providing a false name. 

On Tuesday, officers executed a search warrant on the home where the three men were arrested. 

The warrant ended in three more arrests and the discovery of a second truck reported stolen. The bomb squad had to be called to investigate the truck because officers found a hand grenade inside. Pueblo PD says the grenade turned out to be inert. 

Savanah Hanson, 34, was arrested and had a $5000 warrant for Larceny/Probation Revocation. 

Richard Burns, 40, had a no bond warrant for Assault and Yvonne Franko, 33, had a municipal Contempt of Court warrant for $1,095.

All six were booked into the Pueblo County Detention Center. 

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