Study says Children's Hospital seeing more teens with marijuana in system

PUEBLO, Colo. - A new study out of Denver claims Children's Hospital is seeing four times as many teens in the ER and urgent care with marijuana in their system.

But other studies published show no increase in teenage cannabis use in states like Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal.
The study from Children's shows almost half of the patients seen in the hospital in the two years after legalization had exposure to recreational marijuana.
NORML, a marijuana advocacy group, believes the results are skewed.
"More hospital staff today are inquiring about patients' past use of marijuana than they were in the past," said Paul Armentano, the deputy director of NORML.
Local hospitals were not available for an interview about marijuana-related visits.
But the Colorado Department of Public Safety put together findings in 2016 that shows reported marijuana use by students has gradually declined.

Both opponents and advocates agree the study does not show that marijuana caused the kids to need emergency care.
"We have not seen an uptick in young people's use of marijuana either nationally or specifically in the state of Colorado post-legalization," Armentano said.

The study is preliminary until it undergoes peer review in a medical journal.


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