The Pueblo West football team plans for 2017

Pueblo West football

It has been ten years since Monte Pinkerton rolled P Dub to a state championship. To get back to the title game they first, need to win their first game, the Pigskin Classic against Pueblo County, "Yeah we owe them one they took it to us a little bit last year first time that has happen in a while," says Pinkerton.  "It sucked we just have to learn from it," says Nieyme Smyer-Williams.

In order to make the climb to the top, this summer the team climbed the highest peak in Pueblo County, "We hiked up the Greenhorn last year and we did again this year like three or four weeks ago. We were 5-5 two years in a row so it's climbing back to that point were best in the state top five the very best," says Connor Farnworth. That's not all quarterback Connor Farnworth did this summer he went to the Manning passing academy in Louisiana,"I got to take a picture with him and I like touched him oh my gosh I touching Peyton Manning this is crazy I watched him on TV since I was six," says Farnworth.

He learned from Eli Manning this summer, this fall he will be throwing to his version of Odell Beckham Junior, So let me ask you the hair is that inspired by Odell Beckham Junior or is it your own thing? "I guess you can say that I like Odell I look him up all the time his drills and stuff I guess you can say that," says Williams

PDub plans on being more than just good, "We're ready this year and I'm telling you this is a really special group that we got," says Williams.

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