Three new D60 principals take challenging schools

Three new D60 principals take challenging schools

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Three new principals are preparing to open the school year and tackle Pueblo School District 60's three schools that are in either priority improvement or turnaround status: Risley International Academy, Bessmer Academy, and Heroes K-8 Academy.

Dawn Johnson will be at Risley, Angela Flores at Bessmer and Julie Shue at Heroes.

The three have been tasked with D60's Accountability Pathway plan.

Each principal is planning on tackling the turnaround status differently.

Risley is trying a culture change,

"Changing the messages our kids hear because they hear some negative messages out there," Johnson said.

Bessmer is taking a hands on approach.

"Different curriculum that we know is going to address the specific needs of our students," Flores said.

And Heroes is a changing its focus.

"If we can really focus the school on student achievement and help our kids achieve what we know they're capable of," Shue said.

But all have the same goal of student success.
All three principals agree that community involvement is going to help them get out of turnaround status.
"That's what it's going to take in this school district, in these individual schools, anywhere in the country, it's going to take people standing up saying, what can I do to help?" said Dalton Sprouse, the D60 Communications Director.

Turnaround status means these schools need to improve student achievement levels or risk being taken over by the state. But all three schools are optimistic.


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