Veteran meteorologist tours National Weather Service as dying wish

Veteran meteorologist tours National Weather Service as dying wish

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Ted Lungwitz visited the National Weather Service Station in Pueblo as his final wish before passing away. 

"Yes, meteorology fascinates me," said Lungwitz. "It fascinates me that I'm putting my skills against the man above, and he doesn't like to be found wrong."

But Lungwitz's fascination with meteorology goes back way further than the weather service. In the mid-40s, he was one of the first meteorologists, using his skills as an Air Force Tech Sergeant. 

"I went in in the 40s and we had to learn literally from scratch and we taught each other," Lungwitz said. 

"We'd go riding around in his truck," added Lungwitz's son-in-law Danny Willden. "He would look up and say, 'do you know what kind of clouds those are?' And eventually, I had to learn all the cloud because he would get mad at me if I got it wrong."

Lungwitz teared up as he spoke with old friends and colleagues from the National Weather Service, reminding us to give thanks for those we care about this Thanksgiving. 

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