Vets concerned health care bill could change coverage

Vets concerned health care could...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Many veterans, including some who go to the American Legion Post 2 in Pueblo, suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

They're part of the population that could see their coverage change if the new health care act moves forward.

Under the act, people with pre-existing health conditions wouldn't be prevented from getting coverage, but it may be more difficult to find and more expensive to pay for.

David Jiron is the commander of the American Legion Post 2 in Pueblo. He said if some veterans lose their health care the situation could become a matter of life or death.
"We still have a large number of veterans committing suicide, which is attributed to the PTSD and... mental health, so we definitely don't want to see that number go up by restricting access to health care to any veteran," Jiron said.

The health care bill sets aside $8 billion over five years for states that apply for a waiver, which would help cover health care costs for people who have pre-existing conditions.

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