Puppy in recovery after being thrown from car in Pueblo

Puppy thrown from car in Pueblo is recovering

PUEBLO, Colo. - An eight-month-old puppy that was thrown out of a car on Highway 47 in Pueblo on Sunday is doing well.

"She was very disoriented, seemed to be lost, but just intent after chasing after that car," said Samantha Gray, who happened to be driving by at the time and pulled over to rescue the dog.

"These are defenseless creatures. They rely on us for their care, for everything. And the type of person that could do this to an animal is just a horrible person," Gray said.

Dr. Patti Canchola from Pueblo Animal Services is the veterinarian in charge of the puppy and says she's in good condition.

"She's gone from really scared, to really not sure of her surroundings. You know, I'm the hot dog feeder, so I'm her best friend," Canchola said.

If her owner doesn't come forward or isn't identified, she'll be looking for a new forever home soon.

If you know who the owners are, you are asked to call Pueblo Animal Services. The puppy is still about a week out from being available for adoption. 

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