Reporter caught in flash flood: "Maybe I did almost die"

POSTED: 10:49 PM MDT Jul 11, 2013    UPDATED: 11:02 PM MDT Jul 11, 2013 

John Schroyer, a reporter with the Colorado Springs Gazette, knew there was a flash flood warning on Wednesday.  But he didn't know where it would strike and he didn't know he would be caught in its path.

Schroyer and his Subaru Outback were swept away by raging flood waters on Highway 24.  He recorded the entire ordeal from inside the car.

"The water came down and just literally picked my car up, turned it around 180 degrees and was just carrying it down the side of the highway," Schroyer told KRDO NewsChannel 13.  "I had no idea that something like that was about to happen."

With the camera rolling, Schroyer captured terrifying moments of his car slamming into the side of the canyon wall and giant boulders gliding in his path.  His car finally came to rest while mud and debris gushed past him.  

"I was trying to steer," Schroyer said.  "I can only chalk that up to stupid instinct."  

Schroyer was not hurt.  He said he is trying not to think about what could have been his fate.

"Maybe I did almost die," he said.  "I'm really not sure.  It felt like I was on a whitewater raft ride ... except a lot harder and in a giant, metallic raft."