Rockefeller descendant tours historic family sites in Pueblo

Rockefeller descendant visits...

PUEBLO, Co. - A man with direct ties to Pueblo's historic past visited the Steel City on Friday evening.

David Rockefeller Jr., the great grandson of John Rockefeller, took a tour of the former CF&I steel plant and visited the site of the Ludlow Massacre.

That deadly clash between miners and company-hired security guards happened on his great grandfather's watch.

He spoke about the impact it had on his grandfather, John Rockefeller's son.

"They made a mistake, I believe, in being absentee landlords, and not seeing for themselves what the rising challenges were and the discontent amongst the workers, and I think that changed his life in many ways."

Rockefeller said Friday's visit was as much about learning his own family history as it was about the history of the region.

He wrapped up his visit at a gala to benefit the CF&I Museum.

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