School newspaper endorses Clinton, sparks outrage

School newspaper endorses Hillary...

MONUMENT, Colo. - A presidential endorsement by an unlikely newspaper is sparking outrage in southern Colorado. 
The bold move from a Monument high school student newspaper, is putting the editors in the spot light.
"An editorial is not balanced, we see it as a discussion," said student and editor, Evan Ochsner.
Ochsner said activity on their newspaper website went up by 2,000 percent.
The editorial team, made up of nine students, publicly endorsed democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for president.
"The parents were the biggest source of backlash," said Ochsner.
Palmer Ridge High School received many complains and angry phone calls following the publication.
"Vicious attacks, they felt it was biased, but an editorial is biased. We got angry phone calls saying it's illegal," said newspaper adviser, Tom Patrick.
But Patrick said most of the complaints didn't come from students.
"I never thought it would get to the point where kids are being attacked, and most of it is coming from parents," said Patrick.
"Some kids today wore trump shirts, I think it's great we're starting the discussion. We can form our own opinions," said newspaper editor, Anna Schnelbach.
Many parents also questioned if the editorial broke school rules, but School District 8 said policies governing student publications allow for such opinions.
Due to many complaints the school sent an email to parents, saying the political views expressed were an opinion of the student newspaper's editorial board, and does not reflect any position held by the school or district.

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