PUEBLO, Colo. -

The Pueblo City-County Health Department is looking for children who may have played with a bat at the Sangre de Cristo Housing Apartments.

The bat died and tested positive for rabies.  Now, public health investigators are looking for anyone who may have played with that bat between August 27-31, 2014. There is concern they were exposed to rabies.

It's believed that 13 kids were exposed to the bat. Four have not yet received the vaccines.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 spoke exclusively with Billie Gammon who said her daughter fed the infected bat last week. Gammon said she didn't know her daughter was hiding the bat in a bucket on their front lawn until her other daughter told her.

"I found out by my daughter saying, 'Mom, she's got this disgusting bat.' I didn't even see it. I just hollered out this window- 'You get rid of that bat,'" Gammon said.

Gammon's son, John, 8, said he and a group of friends found the bat near a playground. John said he poked the bat with a stick but didn't touch it. 

"Why would I touch a thing that has rabies?" asked John. But he admitted that he didn't know what rabies is.

Billie Gammon took her daughter to the hospital on Monday to get her rabies vaccine. She said she's not sure if her daughter came into contact with the bat's saliva. "I'm scared," she said.

If you had contact with the bat at the Sangre de Cristo Apartments, you're asked to contact the Health Department immediately at (719) 214-1322.

Rabies is a deadly disease that can be spread from a bat to a person by a bite or scratch, even if very small or barely noticeable.  There is medication available for exposed people that will prevent rabies infection.