Searchers are taking time off of work, dealing with the cold, and looking all over Woodland Park to find a girl many of them barely know.

People in Woodland Park are leaving no stone unturned in their search for 14-year-old Alexandra "Ali" Ponte.

Bob Piercedale is one of many people putting a lot of time and effort into finding Ponte.

"We started handing out flyers on Saturday morning and organized a search party Sunday afternoon after church."

People have been looking everywhere which include forests, ditches and even portable toilets.

Shelly Forman is a family friend of Ponte.

She says the group looked all over Woodland Park.

"A lot of people went behind the schools and down 24, just where ever we can physically get to, we been looking since Thursday."\

Detective Sean Goings welcomes the help.

"We keep getting tips and keep researching those tips and getting better information and were trying to find her"

Woodland Park Police received a tip that Ponte was last seen in Ellicott, and they will be looking more into.