With many areas accumulating over one foot of rain, last week’s floods are rivaling some of the worst floods in Colorado’s history.

State climatologist Nolan Doesken said last week’s event was very similar to the floods of 1965 and 1938. 

He explained that it is not rare to get heavy rain in Colorado during the fall, but said it is rare to get heavy rain for an entire week.

While the rain was not evenly distributed, many areas received enough water to mitigate the drought that has been impacting Colorado for years.

“I assure you that the drought conditions as we had been experiencing them last year and much of this year will be shown to be significantly alleviated by this event,” said Doesken.

Doesken said there is more data from this event because of advanced technology and more rain gauges.  This data will be used to further improve runoff predictions.

Doesken said they are seeking more rain totals from residents, to ensure they have complete data and an idea of rain totals in areas that are sparsely populated.  He is asking anyone with totals to email the information to COFlood2013@gmail.com.

According to Doesken, there is no research that suggests fall weather has any correlation to winter weather.  That means, the heavy rain seen across Colorado this month is not an indication of a particularly snow winter.