4.       When speaking about Office policies, Mr. Philipps includes information that the Sheriff is exempt, but fails to mention that the files were made available to the public because they contained information about a candidate for this Office.  NOTE: The release of records was also due to two Colorado Open Records Act requests by the Colorado Springs Independent.

5.       Mr. Philipps claims he reached out to the FBI and CBI to confirm information Sheriff Maketa provided concerning the effort to hand the investigation over to them.  Mr. Philipps says CBI did not respond, but they in fact had on the same day he made the request with the following statement, “After evaluating our staffing resources* and assessing what investigative work had already been completed prior to the request, the CBI declined to assist with the investigation. *Our Pueblo Regional Office was already engaged in multiple comprehensive investigations in the southern part of the state as well as encountered additional staffing shortages at the time of the request.”  NOTE: Sheriff Maketa also previously told Philipps about contact with the Attorney General’s Office and offered to give him the date and name of the Assistant Attorney General he spoke to.  Philipps refused the information.

6.       Mr. Philipps did not include Sheriff Maketa’s closing comments in the interview which included that “most importantly” this is not about the missing file.  Let’s get the truth out and move on.

Follow this link to the February 20th story and the comments in red which identify information left out by Mr. Philipps: http://bit.ly/1gcYkIm

It is unfortunate a local reporter would write with such disregard for not just the people or organizations included in the story, but for the readers themselves who rely on members of the media to report accurate information. 

As Sheriff, I have always faithfully adhered to my oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Colorado and have abided by the same laws I am charged to enforce.