Colorado Springs residents can now access information about crime rates in the area.

The Colorado Springs Police Department works with Bair Analytics, a company in Lakewood, that processes and analyses crime data for law enforcement agencies. Now, residents can access that information through

"It's just another tool so people have an awareness of what's going on in their community," CSPD Lt. Catherine Buckley said.

The website allows users to see the different types of crimes occurring in their area. They can specify the information they seek by time frame, type of crime and area within the city.

"So if you want to see how many burglaries have occurred within a certain quarter mile of your residence, you can do that," Buckley said.

The is also available on an app called RAIDS Online. Residents said it's useful.

"It's nice to not be so blind as to what's happening," resident Lisa Shipley said.