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Best colleges for low-income students

Graduation caps


A new list published by CollegeNet, a higher-education technology company, and Payscale lists the top schools for lower-income students. Take a look at the top 10.

World's 10 largest earthquakes

J.K. Nakata/United States Geological Survey

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the deadly San Francisco earthquake in 1989. Here's a look at the world's 10 largest earthquakes.

The women of political sex scandals

Monica Lewinsky

Senate TV

From Monica Lewinsky to Sydney Leathers, take a look at the women involved in steamy political sex scandals.

History of the tablet computer

iPad Air 2

Robert Gailbraith/Reuters

Apple unveiled new versions of its iPad and iPad Mini today. Look back at the surprisingly long history of the tablet computer.

America's Ebola patients

Ebola patient Amber Vinson, school photo

Akron Public Schools/CNN

The second U.S. health worker to be diagnosed with Ebola has been identified. Learn more about her and America's other Ebola victims.

Spectacular political meltdowns

Bob and Maureen McDonnell former first couple Va

REUTERS/Mike Theiler

Take a look back at the many meltdowns, scandals and foot-in-mouth moments of politicians through history.

20 best cities for trick-or-treating

Halloween candy

iStock / Funwithfood

Scare up some fun in the 20 best cities for trick-or-treating in 2014.

Notable deaths of 2014

actress Elizabeth Pena, 2008

Phil McCarten/Reuters

From legendary actors to fashion designers, take a look at the most notable deaths of 2014.

States with the cheapest gas

Filling gas tank

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Gas is below $3 in at least 10 states and dropping fast. Find out where you can fill up on the cheap.

Celebrities with Alzheimer's disease

Glen Campbell at the Grammys

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Country singer and guitarist, Glen Campbell, announced in 2011 that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He recently released a video for the final song he'll ever record called "I'm Not Gonna Miss You," which details his struggles with the disease. Take a look at other celebrities who…

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