Jennifer Meredith is taking it day by day since she first learned that a budget deal in Congress isn't going to include an extension of federal unemployment benefits.  She told me she's uncertain about her employment future but is certain that whatever happens,  she's ready for whatever is decided in Congress, "It's the holiday season and I have kids.  I want to show them that no matter what the situation is in life, there's a positive outcome."

Meredith was laid off last year in another job field and decided that she would go back to college and learn how to be a medical assistant.  She told me that it was a turning point for her to make this decision, "I thought since I got laid off, I would take advantage of schooling and get a better job and something I was more interested in and it would be a more secure job field."  Jennifer would graduate in August 2015 and has an "A" average in school.   She doesn't know if she'll have to put her full time education on hold or work part-time and go to school part-time.  It's all about the numbers of how much she can bring in for her and her two children. 

This Mom of two active children reinforces that school is also a full time job and she is making sure she is a good role model to her children by keeping an "A" average.  She says the federal unemployment benefits has been paying the bills while she goes to school, full time to better her life. 

Jennifer Meredith says she is not too proud to get a job anywhere. She hoped she could keep going to school to increase her chances of a secure life after graduation in a new job field.  She hopes the congressional budget could still include a three month extension of federal benefits to give her a little more breathing room and time to make a decision that will affect her and the lives of her children. 

It's estimated that there are more than one million people across the country in the same situation with federal benefits like Jennifer Meredith.