PUEBLO, Colo. -

A visitor to the Colorado State Fair says she and her brother were riding the Sky Fire ride when the harness restraining her brother broke.

"The ride was only a couple minutes, but it felt like an eternity," Tawney Martinez said.

Martinez, 22, and Matt Landin, 15, said riding rides was an activity they did together as siblings. On Sunday, they decided to record their ride on the Sky Fire. They didn't expect what happened next.

"As soon as we went upside down the first time, the harness snapped up," Landin said. "And I braced myself and I looked at her, and I thought, oh my God."

Landin said he braced himself and tried to hold on to anything he could, to keep from falling off.

"First thought that ran through my head was, I'm going to die," he said.

Landin tore all of the muscles in his shoulder after being forced to brace himself to keep from falling. "It holds you upside down for a good 15 seconds and then it drops and when it drops is when I felt my shoulder separate and felt it pop", Landin said.

Chris Wiseman, the fair's general manager, says the family did share the video with fair officials. "We've had an issue. We've addressed it. I believe the rides are safe. "

Wiseman also said that Landin was never in any real danger because there are "redundancies" on the ride, meaning that if one part fails, there are other measures in place to protect riders from serious accidents.

The rides at the fair are inspected daily, explained the fair's ride inspector Bill Hoggard. He said inspectors are looking into what caused the safety restraint to become loose.

Inspectors are investigating what happened, and the seat that Landin was sitting in has been removed.

Landin and his family said there need to be more safety precautions in place.

"I don't think anybody else should go through what he did," Martinez said.

The siblings don't plan on going on any more rides again.

"I'm not riding any ride ever," Landin said. "That ruined rides for me."

Crabtree Amusements operates the rides at the carnival. The owner, Pat Crabtree, did not return KRDO NewsChannel 13's requests for an interview.