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Allison getting the food to help spread the hope

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Allison getting the food to help spread the hope

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - KRDO NewsChannel 13 kicks off its Harvest of Love Food Drive on Friday.  I got a chance today to see how our donations are going out to the community. 

Allison Tedder is with the Christian House of Prayer church in Colorado Springs.  She comes to Care and Share to pick up a food donation to stock her food pantry. On the last Friday of every month, she and her volunteers hands out food.  She told me, "I feel absolutely great.  I remember a time myself when I needed it and to give back because I have it now is a blessing unto others who don't."

Allison and her husband started the church and took this on as an emotional mission to help feed the souls and bodies of the congregation. 

Care and Share helps 300 agencies in 31 Southern Colorado counties.  70 percent of those agencies are faith based like Allison's.  130-thousand people are fed every year through your generous donations.   We have more information on the Harvest of Love Food Drive on our main page.  Check it out.  I'll see you here at the KRDO studios at 399 South 8th street or at one of our many donation drop off sites.

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