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Cattle losses, crop damage mounting from storm in Baca and Prowers Counties

April storm hits Baca Co.

PROWERS COUNTY, Colo. - Residents in Prowers and Baca Counties dealt with at least 27 inches of snow and at times 60 mph winds. 

The storm blew over 50 to 60 power poles, and at one point, 60 percent of Baca County residents were without power. 

As of May 3, 20 households were still without power. 

Over 70 people sought shelter in Pritchett as the storm continued to roar on in southern Colorado. Shelters at Walsh and Springfield were opened those needing help.

Two Buttes sheltered 50 people at the old WPA era Community Building who were stranded after a wedding reception. 

The Baca County Sheriff’s Office got around 50 calls involving stuck, abandoned, and wrecked vehicles. 

Ranchers have been looking for misplaced cattle since the wind broke on Sunday afternoon. The Baca County Sheriff's Office got reports of cattle being as far as 10 miles from where they should be. Three were found three miles into Oklahoma. 

The storm killed at least 400 cows.

Baca County covers 2600 square miles of farm and ranch land in the extreme southeast corner of the state bordering Oklahoma and Kansas.

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