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Behind the Sled: Mushing in Breckenridge, Colorado

Behind the Sled

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. - We all know Colorado is full of outdoor adventures and a lot of those happen in the wintertime. Dog sledding, or mushing, is just one of those winter activities that not many have the chance to experience. 

"[People] Love the dog sledding. It's a bucket list kind of thing," said Brian Holt, owner of Good Times Adventures. 

Over 170 happy Huskies steal the spotlight at Good Times Adventures and run the trails of Breckenridge each week. When you go out for a tour, eight of those dogs will take you on your journey.

The first thing you'll do is meet the dogs, and then a tour guide will give you a tutorial on how to mush. Once you learn the basics, your tour begins! You'll be pulled through 6 miles of trail, taking in mountain views, alpine forest and plenty of snow (if the weather cooperates). Watching the dogs do what they love is half of the fun.

Holt said the dogs only weigh 45 pounds, but their strength shouldn't be underestimated. The Huskies are also incredibly fast, clocking speeds at over 30 mph on downhill slopes. They also love the cold.

"They're bred for these conditions and doing this activity." explained Holt, "They run best and thrive at about 10 below zero. That's their happy time." 

No matter the weather, the Huskies can't get enough. "These dogs are bred to do this." said Holt, "They love to do this."

If you would like to get in on the fun, visit the Good Times Adventures website for more.


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