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Colorado participates in digital driver's license pilot program

DENVER - A digital driver's license 2-year pilot program is in full swing in Colorado. 

Cyber-security company Gemalto was awarded a $2 million grant in 2016 from the U.S. Commerce Department to develop a program that is currently being tested in our state and will soon move into Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C. 

It will not only replace the traditional license but it will also give users the ability to limit how much information will be available depending on the situation. You will be able to show the full license to an officer but only a photo and a birth date to a store clerk. 

Gemalto has been blogging its progress, stating how they chose a small sample to sign up and try out the app at a few businesses. The company even attended a festival in Denver and asked attendees of all ages what they thought of the program. 

To read about their findings, visit Gemalto's website

The company has not yet branched out to the general public in Colorado but plans to do so soon. 


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