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Concern about army recruiting and legal marijuana

Potential pot problems for army recruits

A fresh crop of pot problems for the military

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Army brass are ready for those who may use legal marijuana in Colorado and still hope to be part of the military.  The Commanding General of the U.S. Army Command is General Allen Batschelet. 

General Batschelet has been in the military for 32 years.  While marijuana use is legal in Colorado as per Amendment 64, it is still illegal in the military.  General Batschelet says it's about honesty when you are a recruit, "If you come in and tell us I experimented with marijuana but it wasn't frequent use, we have ways to help you.  However, if it's habitual use dependency, we don't have waivers for those under federal law.  Potentially, we could see some troubling impacts in the State of Colorado."

Legal marijuana is new in our state, only weeks old, so I asked General Batschelet if ever could forsee a time when pot would be on the same par as drinking.  The General told me, "Obviously society is changing and what's tolerated by society over time.

You may remember General Batschelet from another post he held in Southern Colorado.  He was stationed at Fort Carson as Deputy Commanding General for the Fourth Infantry Division in 2008-09.  He said he remembered his time here in a positive way, "The people in the community wrapped their arms around me quickly even though I was here for a short period of time.  It says a lot about the people who choose Colorado Springs as home and soldiers find that welcoming."

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