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Monument Academy mourns loss of beloved teacher's aide

Monument Academy mourns loss of...

MONUMENT, Colo. - A preschool teacher's aide at Monument Charter Academy was killed in a car wreck last Friday.

Police say Jamie Merritt was driving with her boyfriend to Grand Junction on Highway 24 near Woodland Park.

She worked at the school for eight years.

“She was a great teacher. She called our little kids her littles or her friends. And I could see her when she walked the kids down the sidewalk to music. I could look out my window and see her, and she'd always say “come on my friends” and she'd be calling them. And she just loved them,” said Liz Richard, Principal at Monument Charter Academy.

A memorial service will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday at the World Prayer Center. That's on the campus of New Life Church.

Students can leave cards or other notes in a box near the preschool fence on the Monument Charter Academy campus.

Staff and students are on spring break, and they'll return on April 3.

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