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Mother seeks change after baby overheats on DIA tarmac

DENVER - One mother is trying to see to it that airlines such as United make changes to their procedures following an incident where her baby allegedly overheated during a tarmac delay at the Denver International Airport. 

Emily France spoke with ABC News about how her and her 4-month old, Owen, boarded a United flight at DIA on June 22. She claims temperatures at the airport were at least 90 degrees that morning. 

Apparently, poor weather along the route caused the plane to be delayed. 

The aircraft began to reach warm temperatures, so United flight attendants brought bags of ice for her son and even moved them to the front of the plane, near an open door.

It was around an hour before crew members on the aircraft allowed its passengers to get off and cool down, according to France. 

France told ABC News that she and her baby reboarded after 15 minutes. The plane pushed back from the gate and was delayed again. 

While sitting on the tarmac, temperatures began to rise again. France told ABC News that her baby began crying. After a few minutes, he went limp in her arms. 

The mother said crew members called paramedics. They tried to find a way to get her and her child off but couldn't find available stairs or a jet bridge. 

According to United Airlines, it took them around 11 minutes to get back to the gate following the call to the paramedics. 

The baby was taken to the hospital. He recovered and was taken home. 

France told ABC News that she is unsure about a lawsuit, but she does want to make sure this doesn't happen to any other mother. 

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