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Numerous shoplifting arrests made

Big shoplifting operation busted wide open

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A huge shoplifting operation with ties all over Colorado was busted by Colorado Springs Police Swat teams on Friday. Detectives tell us that there were four locations were the busts happened.  Officers believe the main operation headquarters was in the Platte Business Center.  It was in a building that had a sign out front of Just Computers. 

Investigators think the person inside was moving 250 thousand dollars worth of stolen stuff per month. His take alone, was 1 and a half million in the last four years.  Officers say people from all over Colorado would come here to sell their stolen stuff to him.  The main thief would then sell it on Ebay.  Target, Home Depot and Safeway workers helped Springs Police with this four month undercover operation. 

Each person who was arrested will be charged under the Colorado Organized Crime Act.

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