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Three CO physicians stripped of practice rights

DENVER - Over the last week, three Colorado physicians have been stripped of their practice rights.

Dr. Michael J. Brazelton’s license was suspended for allegedly doing “an unnecessary and ungloved physical examination” on a teenage patient’s genital and anal areas when the patient complained of cold symptoms. 

Brazelton’s license to practice medicine in Colorado was stripped effective Dec. 20 and will remain in effect until proceedings for suspension or revocation are resolved.

Dr. Khaja N. Chisty, a psychiatrist, has been suspended and will not be able to perform any act that requires a license issued by the board

Chisty was allegedly “out of the country and physically absent from his office for extended periods of time between Oct. 2, 2015, and Jan. 12, 2016.” The Colorado Medical Board were concerned that patients scheduled for appointments did not know that they would be seen via telehealth technologies and were not asked for consent on that treatment method.

Dr. Charles F. Clark was suspended following information on four patients being prescribed multiple psychiatric medications whose dosage amounts did not meet standards of medical practice for a psychiatrist.

The Colorado Medical Board did not like Clark’s expectations that his patients rely on their own judgment when it comes to their medication.

The interim agreements with Chisty and Clark will stay in effect as long as they remain in compliance and no new information indicates that a summary suspension is warranted.

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