Store owners in Old Colorado City angry over transient vandals

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OLD COLORADO CITY, Colo. - Store owners in Old Colorado City have been noticing more and more problems in their area coming from the transient population. 

Late Tuesday night, Steve Willis Photography Studio was broken into. But the suspect didn't get far, police found him sleeping at the top of the stairs.

"I'm guessing he wanted to get warm," said Willis.

Willis' break-in brought up a constant issue store owners in the area have been seeing: vandalism to their shops from transients who seem to be refusing outside help. 

"The people that we're having the problem with are the transients that choose to live this lifestyle that are high on drugs and or have mental illness," said Jewels Burdick, owner of 'Simple Body' right next door.



Burdick says this has been going on for some time. 

"One of my friends who owns a restaurant down the street she found a backpack of needles and stolen checkbooks. I've had a transient woman urinate in front of my store," she said. 

Police are doing their best to watch the area.

"I know that the Gold Hill division has a couple of officers that are working with business owners in that area understanding just their concern of risk and also damage to their buildings," said Lt. Howard Black with CSPD.

But Willis has already forgiven the man who broke in, saying, "If I could meet the guy, I'd want to tell him that he's forgiven and there's a God that loves him."


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