Residents of eastern El Paso County were relieved Friday that thunderstorms didn't hit as hard as in neighboring Lincoln County a day earlier.

Rain, light hail, lightning and thunder brought by menacing clouds moved through Peyton around 3 p.m. Friday.  However, the storms apparently caused no damage and passed by 4 p.m.

Bob Pendergast, who has lived in Peyton for 14 years, said he feels uneasy knowing that a storm threatens his home while he works 30 miles to the west in Colorado Springs.

"We had two hailstorms last year," he said.  "Had to replace two roofs in one month.  So we can get nasty weather.  But it can change rather dramatically, too, and it can get real nice and summertime again.  But yes, we are concerned all the time out here."

More thunderstorms are forecast for the area this weekend.