Students back in school in Walsenburg after threat closes school Monday

Students back in school in Walsenburg after threat closes school Monday

WALSENBURG, Colo. - Students in this third-grade class are back to learning after their classroom sat empty Monday because of a threat from a middle-school student.


But life is back to normal for parents like Gary Guerra, who was picking his stepchildren up from school.


"After Columbine and all those other shootings, like Las Vegas, it's serious, so you've got to take it serious or something bad can happen," Guerra said. 


Anna Vigil has three kids in the district. She says she would rather have the district be safe than sorry.


"Oh of course it makes you nervous, you're a parent, you know, the worst-case scenario plays out in your mind. But, at the same time, I look at it from a realist point of view as well, because, you know, they're safe in the school," Vigil said. 


Peakview Principal Brenda Duran said most of the students are back at school now after the student who made the threat turned himself in to the sheriff's office.


 "As much as we say, no, nothing could ever happen, because we know this person, we can't take that chance anymore," Duran said.


Safety is the main priority of the school district. There's procedures in place to keep the students safe.


Despite some concerns from parents, Duran said it's best to leave your kids in school.


"It also is the responsibility of the community to trust us that there is no way that we're going to let harm come to these children," Duran said.


The name of the student who made the threat isn't being released.

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