Palmer High School students donated food and gas gift cards to help a classmate and his family as he undergoes treatment for cancer.

Students gave sophomore Scott Beckmann and his family $1,500 in food and gas gift cards. Beckmann said the outpouring of support is what he needs before starting another round of chemotherapy.

Beckmann's English teacher Leslie Wolken said 2,000 people at Palmer High School were thinking about him and supporting him. Wolken delivered the gift cards Sunday. Students wanted to come but Beckmann couldn't risk being exposed to more germs or illnesses.

Even without the students there, Beckmann said their message was clear.

"I didn't know I was going to have the entire school backing me up, so it's pretty awesome," said Beckmann.

He unwrapped stacks of gift cards to IHOP, Subway, Burger King and Shell gas station.

"Oh! I'm going to have fun," said Beckmann has he unwrapped the stack of Burger King gift cards.

Beckmann and his mom Magan Beckmann have been commuting to Denver for cancer treatments and staying at a Ronald McDonald House close to the hospital.  Magan Beckmann said its been physically and financially exhausting.

"It's amazing.  It is such a big help," said Magan Beckmann as her son unwrapped gift cards.

Doctors found a cancerous tumor in Beckmann's brain last fall. He's completed one round of chemotherapy and radiation.

"With him being so upbeat, it's helped me a lot," said Magan Beckmann.

"I'm really proud of him.  He is inspiring," said Wolken.

 Beckmann found out Friday that he will need to go through another round of treatment to get rid of the cancer. Doctors said this round would be more intense.

"I was really mad.  I was like, 'man, I don't want to do this anymore,'" said Beckmann.

"The hardest thing for me is what we are getting ready to go through because this is when he is going to start getting really sick," said Magan Beckmann.

Beckmann said he is staying positive. He said he is confident this round of treatment will eliminate what's left of the disease in his body. He said seeing support from his fellow students has helped tremendously.

Palmer High School students already gave Beckmann 12 hats when they initially found out about his diagnosis. Beckmann said those hats will come in handy during this next round of chemotherapy.