Suspended Police Officer Still Getting Paid

TARGET 13 Investigating Why Suspended Officer Sydney Huffman Continues To Collect Her $58,200 Salary

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Police officer Sydney Huffman continues to collect her salary, despite being off the beat since June.

TARGET 13 has learned that Police Chief Richard Myers made the decision to keep her on the payroll despite her being charged with a felony for trying to influence a public official.

Huffman is accused of lying to investigators about being a victim of domestic violence dating back to June 2010. She said her then boyfriend, Jarrott Martinez, physically assaulted her and raped her. He was later acquitted of the charges after his trial.

She was suspended with pay after the charge was filed against her.

Colorado Springs police told TARGET 13 that Huffman is collecting her $58,200 yearly salary and this week was able to pick her schedule, if she is allowed to return to the force.

Sources inside the department told TARGET 13 that Huffman chose the "power shift" where should would be able to work 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. at the Stetson Hills Division.

?As an employee of the Colorado Springs Police department, she has to be treated as every other employee,? said Barbara Miller, spokeswoman for Springs Police.

Miller added that Huffman hasn?t been found guilty of the charge against her.

?She is able to partake in the process of which shift she wanted. (If) we had not allowed her to do that it could have been seen that we were already showing what would be the outcome of the investigation and we don?t want to do that,? said Miller.

Former Colorado Springs police officer Joshua Carrier was also being paid while he was in jail. When TARGET 13 first asked the question about his pay in May police said he couldn?t be fired because the charge of sexual exploitation of a child was only a misdemeanor.

When charges were upgraded Carrie was fired days after the TARGET 13 Investigation.

The Colorado Springs Police Department must follow these rules set up by the independent Civil Service Commission.

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