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Sexting in Colorado Springs

Sexting investigated at two Colorado Springs schools

Sexting is once again making headlines in southern Colorado.

Local man scammed out of thousands by faulty contractor

Local man scammed out of thousands by faulty contractor

A Colorado Springs man was scammed out of $20,000 by a contractor who was hired to do work on his basement.

Four in Colorado reportedly sickened by recalled pistachios

Four people in Colorado say they have tested positive for Salmonella after eating recalled pistachios.

Some cans of Bumble Bee tuna recalled because of possible contamination

Bumble Bee did not offer specifics, but said the possible contamination could lead to life-threatening illness if consumed.

Three local immigrants out 15 000 fighting for citizenship

Three local immigrants out $15,000 fighting for citizenship

Three Colorado Springs residents fighting for citizenship said they are out $15,000 and now one of their loved ones is at risk of being deported because of failures by a local immigration attorney.

Member of Springs city council censured for ethics violation

City Council censures Helen Collins for ethics violation

Helen Collins has officially been censured for violating the city's code of ethics.

DiGiorno pizzas, Stouffer's meals recalled for glass in food

Nearly three million boxes of frozen DiGiorno pizzas, Stouffer's lasagnas and Lean Cuisine meals are being recalled after customers said they found pieces of glass in their food.

san isabel

San Isabel Electric warning of phone scam targeting customers

According to the company, the call comes in from a 1-800 number.

New CEO fraud email scam hits Southern Colorado

New CEO fraud email scam hits Southern Colorado

A series of suspicious emails targeting Southern Coloradans is the newest tax scam to hit the area.

Marijuana money laundering and the government

Marijuana banking, money laundering and the government

 Marijuana businesses are thriving in Colorado, but many in the industry say there is a crisis happening.  


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