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CSPD Prohibits Officer From Coaching

Decision designed to protect kids from future coaching misconduct

CSPD Officer Not Allowed To Coach

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The aftermath of the Josh Carrier child abuse case appears to be a factor in a Colorado Springs police officer being banned from serving as a volunteer girls' basketball coach.

In an exclusive report Thursday, KRDO NewsChannel 13 learned that Bill Walsh, a Colorado Springs policeman assigned to Cheyenne Mountain High School as a resource officer, no longer coaches as he has for the past three years.

The decision, which came from the police department and is being honored by the school, apparently is an effort to avoid a repeat of the Carrier case.  Carrier, a former resource officer and volunteer coach at Mann Middle School, was recently convicted of molesting boys on the wrestling team.  The city faces paying civil damages to the victims in the case.

A family with two girls who were coached by Walsh, confirmed the decision.  Christine Uveges said her daughters Olivia, a sophomore, and Melissa, a senior, liked and respected Walsh and feel it unfair that he's no longer allowed to coach at the school.

"Mom and Dad and I had talked about (Carrier), said Olivia Uveges.  "I didn't think it would come to our coach not being able to coach our basketball team because of it.  We can't stop people from being coaches because of one incident that happened, and let it ruin.  Because there's people like Officer Walsh who love basketball, and love helping other people."

Christine Uveges said she understands the concern that the Carrier case generated, but she questions the decision.

"My personal feeling is that there's got to be another way," she said.  "Because if we start down this path, what will we do with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and high school sports?  We've had friends that have committed these kinds of issues.  So when I say I'm hypersensitive, I'm very hypersensitive and on the ball about it.   But we can't have eunuchs teaching our kids.  We have to have real people, good people."

The family hopes that other people will defend Walsh enough to reverse the decision and allow him to resume coaching.

Police, School District 12 and city officials declined to elaborate on the decision.  As a result, it's unclear how many other school resource officers may be affected.

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