Teens hold protest outside the Colorado State Capitol

Protest over gun control

Lie down protest in Denver

At the capitol students staged a 'lie-in' outside the statehouse to protest against three bills that aim to loosen Colorado's gun laws.

 "Hey! Hey! NRA! How many kids did you kill today?"

Dozens were at the rally chanting and holding signs. The group Colorado Ceasefire had 17 students lie down outside the capitol around 12:14 in the afternoon; 17 representing how many students died and 12:14 p.m. for the time the shooter opened fire last week. Protestors are demanding political leaders prioritize the safety of children by enacting  stricter gun laws. State Senator Michael Merrifield says Colorado's  first step in that direction would be, by passing what is known as the red flag legislation.

"It would just say that if friends, family,police, neighbors,  teachers, think that body is a danger to themselves and other people that they cannot purchase or own a gun," says Senator Merrifield.

"I'm going to make sure that if someone is acting, you know suspicious or making threats, I'm going to tell someone and I'm going to make sure I am taken seriously when I feel that our school and the people in it is being threatened," says 14-year-old Becca Strong.

Five states have bills similar to the Red Flag legislation, and another dozen states are considering similar proposals.

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