Teller County

Drug dealer tries to sell 4 lbs of marijuana to Teller County Sheriff

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. - A man and woman were arrested at the end of November for trying to trade "black market" marijuana for the Teller County sheriff's vehicle. 

Sheriff Jason Mikesell was trying to sell a vehicle on Craigslist when he was contacted by 39-year-old Shawn Langley from Vail, Colo.  

Langley offered Mikesell around four pounds of "homegrown black market" marijuana for the vehicle not known that Mikesell was the sheriff of Teller County. Langley even sent photographs of his product, boasting of its quality.

Mikesell told detectives and undercover officers from the Teller County Sheriff's Office and Metro Vice Narcotics Unit and they set up a location to trade the vehicle for the drugs. 

On November 28, at around 7:30 p.m., Langley showed up at the meetup location in Woodland Park with Jane Cravens and they were arrested. 

They were both booked into the Teller County Jail on illegal narcotics charges. 

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