Teller County

Explosive device found, rendered safe Friday in Woodland Park

Fifty homes evacuated, three blocks closed

Explosive device found rendered safe...

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. - Dozens of homes in Woodland Park were evacuated Friday as authorities assessed how to deal with an explosive device.

"A neighbor who saw it told me it was a Korean missile from World War II," said Brenda Zentz, a neighbor who was among approximately 50 families affected for several hours.

At around 3:30 p.m., the Teller County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of the device in the backyard of a home on Bridle Drive, on the west end of town.

Authorities said a six-year-old boy initially found the device while scavenger hunting with a metal detector in Lake George, in nearby Park County.

"Fortunately, the people who live there are Army people and recognized the device quickly," said Wayne Gosnell, an evacuee.

Explosive experts from Fort Carson moved the device to a safe area and set it off after making sure it wouldn't cause any property or infrastructure damage.

Evacuees began returning home around 9 p.m.

It's unclear whether more explosive devices exist in Lake George.

"We'll have a briefing after this and talk about whether to do a thorough check of that area," said Commander Jennifer Graumann of the Sheriff's Office.

Many neighbors said they're not surprised to hear of military-style explosives occasionally turn up in a military community and are glad authorities took proper precautions to emphasize safety,

It's the second time this month that such an explosive was found.  Two weeks ago, authorities found a live grenade in a vehicle during a traffic stop in Fremont County.

Authorities said a man said he found the grenade in a storage facility, thought it was not dangerous and planned to sell it.

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