Threatening rumors for Rampart HS are false

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Rumors circulating throughout Rampart High School were decidedly false, after a letter was sent out by District 20 Wednesday evening. 

The email stated the following: 

Rampart High School Community,
The district has been notified about rumors on social media regarding Rampart High School. We take these situations very seriously and have been working closely with the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) to investigate these claims. CSPD has found no evidence these rumors are true and believes they are not credible. School will remain on its normal schedule tomorrow. Both CSPD and district security will be on campus tomorrow to monitor the situation.


Thank you for your support,

Academy District 20

A threat was all the Colorado Springs Police Department could confirm when it came to talking about the actual rumor. But we caught up with one student who seemed to know the full story. 

"It started when this kid told one of his friends, as a joke, that he wanted to shoot up the school. He said not to come to school tomorrow. That friend sent it to other people and they started posting it on Snapchat and a bunch of people said they weren't coming to school," said Rampart student Heath Dombrowski. 

Lt. Howard Place with CSPD said these types of threats, even if they're made jokingly, are not taken lightly, which is why a full investigation is underway to find out who made these threats and why.

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