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Colorado Springs flower shop open for 22nd Valentine's Day

Flowerama celebrates 26th Valentines Day

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - For 22 years, Flowerama has sat on the corner of Platte and Circle Drive.

Their biggest day of the year, Valentine's Day. And, their biggest seller, you guessed it... roses.

Anne Hardy, the owner says, "We get them in a refrigerated truck and they're straight from the farm on the third day and we give the best quality in town. That's why everyone keeps coming back."

The business opened back in 1996. That was the first year they run out of flowers on Valentine's Day. Now, they know to always keep an extra stock. "We were really busy yesterday and we'll probably be three times as busy today. Everything that our customers are going to need to have already been prepared by these people for the past week, week and a half," says Hardy.

They begin receiving delivery orders in December and are usually booked for the day at the end of January.

Customers we spoke with today didn't plan ahead. One said, "I'm a procrastinator." Another continued, "You can ignore Valentine's Day."

The business prides themselves on quick in and outs for customers. Hardy says, "They don't mind coming in here because we're set up to get them in and out as quickly as they can."

She says that's something that has customers coming back every year.

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