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Deaf student and actor is breaking new ground

Deaf actors speak with two voices

Deaf Actor


It’s said that deaf actors speak with two voices — one for the ear and one for the eye. That’s exactly what many will experience tonight at the Millibo Theatre.

Priscilla is deaf!  She shares her role with hearing actor - Abby Gaydos. And when Priscilla signs Abby speaks.

This is the first scene in the classic play where ‘The Crucible’ introduces Mary.
When the audience hears this [play dialogue] Priscilla hears this [silence].

She spoke to us through an interpreter, “It’s a lot of fun. I have to say it’s a lot of fun being as two people in one character it’s been a lot of fun I like it a lot and I mean I love it a lot.”

Speaking actor Abby Gaydos doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight, “I’d have to agree with her it just makes it feel so much more fun so much more intriguing to me that we are both the same character.”

Priscilla was born with a genetic defect that left her deaf  but that’s not stopping her from performing on stage.
“If you’re into it and want to be an actor, really anything go ahead and do it, just do it. Show yourself and don’t be afraid.”

Priscilla Needs is the first deaf actor in the springs to perform in a hearing-speaking production at the Millibo theatre.

When Kelly Walters was presented with an opportunity to direct a play casting a deaf actor, he accepted the challenge.

“The added challenge of adding a deaf actor to it means we had to learn how to do that all together. We all had to find the language as actors that works together.”

Priscilla and the rest of the cast want to spread awareness that Hollywood shouldn’t fear hiring deaf actors.

The classic witchcraft play will run through April 2nd. On March 30th, there will be an ASL interpreter for those who need it.  

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