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A summer camp helps patients forget frequent doctor visits

YMCA Shady Brook Camp

YMCA Camp - Childrens Colorado

DECKERS, Colo. - A summer camp in Deckers is helping Children's Hospital patients forget about their frequent visits to see the doctor.
Children's Colorado has paired up with YMCA Camp Shady Brook  to offer them outdoor fun and activities.
  KRDO NewsChannel 13's Cinthia Maldonado shows us the impact this camp is having on young children.

Flowing creeks, the smell of pine and the silence of nature brings a sense of comfort to kids who are  battling the fight of their life.

Jeremiah Garza is just ten years old, "Cancer is like a disease, sort of a disease but it could be spreadable but at the same time it can't."

He doesn't quit understand what cancer is but knows that it claimed the life of his loved ones.

"My dad died from cancer at a young age so did his great grandma," explains Jeremiah.

Getting frequent MRIs keeps him in-and-out of the hospital, "To check if i have cancer and they can stop it early if I do."

Jeremiah says Camp Shady Brook helps him forget about his possible prognosis.

He thinks it’s a fun distraction, "kids can get their minds off of stuff and they can meet new friends. It’s just a beautiful world and it's too early to leave from."
Children's Colorado comes here to Camp Shady Brook to bring all kids from different parts of the community together to bond and to have one in a lifetime camping-experience. One, that for many, is out of reach.
"Often times they've have had hardships in their lives and that hardship has caused them or deprived them from an experience to just be children," explains Chris Maddie, director of Camp Shady Brook.

[It’s] a camp that reminds kids how to have fun. Just up the hill you find the story of a brother and sister.
"I had a heart transplant at 13 days old," forever changing the course of Gabriel Basquez's life.

His younger sister Eden Basquez joined him at the summer camp to help him out when needed, "one of the jobs that I’ve had to do is remind him to take his meds sometimes because sometimes he forgets or sometimes his alarm doesn't go off."

Both Jeremiah and Gabriel think this summer camp is an outdoor safe haven— "Camp is a really fun place," says Gabriel. "It helps me like take my mind off of it." 

Making them feel no different than any other children.

In Deckers, “I love you too,” Cinthia Maldonado KRDO NewsChannel13.


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