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A Trailblazer in the Army

1942, Women's Army Corps

WAC: A Trailblazer in the Army

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Sherm Connolly recalls her time in the service as if it was just yesterday.

"4th of May 1942, we released men for combat," she announces proudly.

She was one of the first to join the Women's Army Corps.

"The day after the bill was passed in Congress, I went to Omaha and enlisted. I commanded several large WAC, Women's Army Corps, in the United States, at Fort Des Moines Iowa, in Washington D.C., and overseas later in Europe and Japan."

As a women breaking barriers, Connolly knew she would face other battles, besides war.

"We would walk down the street and people would make fun of us. Took a long time for them to get used to us but we hung in there."

She overcame those challenges and was part of the support team for D-day and followed the invasion from Normandy to Paris.

"They put me in charge of accounting for ordnance combat equipment. 
This is war this isn't peace this is war. We had to knock the Germans back out of France where they had invaded."

When remembering victory— her patriotism shows loud and proud.
"And the French, I’ve never seen such happy person as they were it was just amazing they would come up and down the street with a camera as we were taking over everything we kicked the Nazis out of.

Retired lieutenant colonel Connolly’s says her 28 years in the service continue to be a blessing, "You feel honored, you feel honored to be serving the country, what more can I say."

As she reaches the milestone of turning 99, "I’m a little surprised i made it but here I am and I’d go back in the military if I were physically able,” she explains.

Sherm says she's proud of her story and other women who continue to serve.

Retired Lt. Col. Connolly turns 99 on Wednesday.

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