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An inspirational story about a Harrison football player

Miron Washburn's positive outlook on his life

An inspirational story of a Harrison...

"You never know how much you miss something until you can't have it."  This season Miron Washburn can't play football but he didn't want to miss out, so he's coaching. In late July, during a summer camp, Miron became ill,  "He just looks at me and says coach I need a break, and that's not like him," says head coach Al Melo, "I noticed I was losing a lot of pounds throughout the weeks more than I have in previous years so with that I just started breathing super hard not feeling good," says Miron Washburn.

Miron's mother took him to an Urgent care and from there they went to the hospital, "and the did a scan of me they said that I had pneumonia and fluid within my lungs and then after that did another scan they saw what the previous results were and they also saw this mass in my chest throughout that day I got transported to children's hospital in Aurora," says Washburn.

Miron, who is 16 years old was in the hospital for 10 days and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, "Not many people can be okay with saying oh you have cancer for me it was I knew whatever it was when I found out I could handle it, says Washburn, "It hurt it hurt real bad, we've been playing together since third grade," says teammate Orlando Westbrook.

Miron didn't want to miss school or football so he gets all his chemotherapy treatments done on the weekend the treatments take anywhere from 20 minutes to 8 hours , he does this so he can attend all of the games and get the another kind of therapy, "A lot of this for me is staying positive and being around the people that make me who I am so i think with that it helps me overall with my attitude in my treatment," says Washburn, "Besides losing his hair you would even know he has the greatest spirit he's so positive that there's no doubt he's winning," says Melo.

The person he credits for helping him through his fight against cancer is his loving mother Jessica Warren, "She was there through every step of the way from walking me into the surgical room to just staying overnight there she was the only that kept me going throughout the process," says Washburn.
With the support from his mother and his Panther family Miron remains in a positive frame of mind, "There's a reason for everything in life and I know this will just make me stronger," says Washburn.

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