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An unforgettable prom night for 2 Widefield Students



Prom night...Those are two words that are as American as apple pie. They spark a range of emotions for nearly all of us.

Saturday night Widefield High School held its prom and for one couple the evening took on a very special meaning.

Mackayla Briglin is a sophomore at Widefield and works with special needs kids in her class and cheerleading squad. When she heard Joe Rendon, a senior with down syndrome, didn't have a date to prom she decided to ask him herself.

"I was like, ok, who's this boy and I was like of course I'll ask him," Briglin said.

And after he said yes?

"The first thing i thought of was wow i can't believe i get to spend my first prom with such an amazing guy."

As for Joe, well, lets just say he's excited.

"Mackayla…I love her so much and awesome girl. We're gonna go to dinner…dance…ymca…my favorite song.

Anthaney Jerby has been one of Joe's best friends since the third grade.

"He's not a friend, he's a brother," Jerby said. "And if you would of told me then that me and him would have gone to prom with two beautiful women i would have hit the person who said that and said you're lying. It's kind of hard fighting tears."

Joe's mom Tammy said watching her son go to prom with Mackayala has touched her entire family.

"It takes a special person to do that, to go to prom with someone with special needs," said Joe's mom, Tammy.

Mackayla's dad, Jason Briglin sees a daughter he raised right.

"it's kind of amazing that everything you've taught her, it turns out like this," said Jason Briglin. "It's just amazing."


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