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Another affordable housing project planned for Colorado Springs

City would sell land for $1

New affordable housing plan proposed in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As Colorado Springs planners continue the process toward building an affordable housing project in one neighborhood, the City Council heard plans Monday for a second project.

The city proposes selling an acre of land at the corner of Austin Bluffs Parkway and Templeton Gap Road, on the northeast side of town.

Greccio Housing would buy the land and build a 50-unit housing complex for senior citizens.

The purchase price?  

One dollar.

Lee Patke, Greccio Housing's executive director, said he wants to move quickly and take advantage of the opportunity.

"The time from design to completion can take years," he said.  "That's why we can't wait."

Patke said the project helps meet the demand for affordable housing.

Steve Posey, the city's HUD program administrator, said of the city's 26,000-unit shortfall of affordable housing, around 2,000 is needed by seniors.

"We probably have 2,000 units right now," he said.  "If we can get another 1,700 or 1,800, that'd be a lot of progress.  It fits our strategy of trying to fill the need in specific areas instead all at once."

Pose said a senior complex under construction on Tutt Boulevard should open later this year with 180 units and he expects to add as many as 150 units in other projects next year.

Some homeowners say they oppose affordable housing projects for several reasons--that they lower property values and attract crime.

But many neighbors in the area of the latest proposed project said they welcome and support it. 

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