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Arrest made in Stetson Hills homicide investigation


On Sunday CSPD arrested 25-year-old Grant August Motsinger in connection with a fatal shooting Saturday night on the 5600 block of Vermillion Bluffs Drive in Stetson Hills. Motsinger is charged with second degree murder.

Initially police radio traffic said this may have been a case of domestic dispute between a husband and wife. But on Sunday, Motsinger was charged with second degree murder after the victim in the shooting died from his injuries.

Helga Randall has lived in the neighborhood for 7 years and was shocked to learn about a shooting on her block.

"I seen the police blinking lights in my living room window. I came out to ask my next-door neighbor what happened, and they said there's a shooting, so I went back in my house and locked my doors," Randall said.

Police say all parties involved in the shooting are accounted for and as word of mouth spread throughout the neighborhood, Trevor Martin, who was out of town Saturday night, learned the house across the street from him was at the center of an investigation.

"Well i got a text message from my friend who lives here as well and he told me that the roads were blocked off and i couldn't believe it," Martin said.

While it remains to be seen if more people will be charged in relation to the homicide, neighbors say they're happy to know an arrest has been made and life can start to get back to normal.

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