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Birth control can now be prescribed by pharmacists at Safeway

Birth control at Safeway stores in...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado law that was passed almost a year ago is now being put into effect. The law stated that pharmacies around Colorado were able to prescribe birth control to patients, as a secondary option to a visit to the doctor. 

Safeway and Albertsons stores are now offering that option for women. They have become the first pharmacies in the state to do so. Although many women in Colorado Springs seemed excited about the idea, there was still some skepticism and hesitation. 

"Not all of us are doctors so going to med school and getting that perspective on whether or not your body can handle that. Those types of things are important thing to learn from your doctor so I guess kind of mixed emotions," resident Natasha Law said. 

KRDO spoke with Planned Parenthood officials to ask about the pros and cons to getting your birth control from a pharmacist versus getting it from the doctor. 

"We are so thrilled, and our number one priority and value around healthcare is providing more access to women to get reproductive healthcare services. So that is fantastic. Where there are some concerns is that we want to make sure that women are seeing people who are experts in healthcare and can get the full range of services and have that relationship with the patients to talk about what's the best birth control for them," Sarah Taylor-Ninista, vice president of public affairs for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, said. 

Patients can visit any Safeway or Albertsons pharmacy and ask for birth control. After that, they will receive a form to fill out and will have to have their blood pressure taken. They will then get 12 months worth of birth control from a trained pharmacist who will ensure they are receiving the right contraceptive for them. 

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